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Managed VPS Hosting
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  Linux/windows Full Root Access
  VMware ESXi Power Panel
  Optional WDCP / PLESK Control Panel

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VPS introduction
Virtual Private Server Introduction
Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a new technology which can allow customer enjoy the functionality of a dedicated server, but in a fraction of the price of that server.

It based on Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization technology to virtualize a physical server into a number of VPS instances. Each VPS instance contains its own dedicated memory, processor resource, disk storage, and network. With its built-in resource controller, each user can enjoy evenly distributed resource.

VPS service offer you a secure, flexible, and cost-effective solution to own a small server.

  • Business/Personal Web Hosting
  • Support ASP/ASP.NET, .Net Framework, PHP,JSP,JAVA
  • Custom Internet Application hosting
  • File Server
  • Web Development
  • and others you want a small server accessible in Internet
  • Web/DNS/Mail Server


  • Each Virtual Private Server is dedicated to 1 customer only.
  • You may customize your own set of  Firewall
  • You have FULL administrative right to the OS
  • Each Virtual Server contains it own dedicated NTFS file system
  • You can use Secure Shell (SSH) to remote connect to the VPS console.
  • Each VPS contains its own firewall rules.



  • High Performance
  • Resources (CPU, Memory) are evenly distributed. No overselling.
  • VPS Servers located in USA,China Mainland or Hong Kong Data Center.



virtual private server control panel - You can easily -

  • Start, Shutdown, Power Off, Restart, Suspend the Virtual Private Server
  • Remotely Manage the VPS via Web Interface
    (require Internet Explorer 8 or above)
  • Remotely Manage the VPS via Remote Desktop
  • Login as Windows Administrator account to install/uninstall applications, like email, web application, etc.
  • Create Hyper-V snapshot before major changes (e.g. install/upgrade application). In case of issue/problem, you may fall back to the previous snapshot.
  • By default, Linux VPS bundle the DirectAdmin Control Panel. This web based Control Panel allows you easily create/remove account, manage web/ftp/email/mysql hosting services, allows you share your VPS space with your partner, clients, etc.
  • You can use Root administrator account to install/uninstall applications, like extra webmail, additional php modules, mysql management pack, etc.
  • You can reboot your VPS anytime on your own


Backup and Restore

  • With Microsoft Data Protection Manager (DPM), your VPS file system will automatically be backed up on daily basis.
  • The DPM backup will keep for 7 days retention basis.


  • CentOS 3.5 is the rebuild of Redhat Enterprise 3.5
  • No Contract, No Prepayment
  • Windows Web Server 2008 x64 R2 SP1 OS license included in VPS
  • Minimum usage: 1 Month

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